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Topics that may be of interest:

  • "Jazlyn J Learns Her Address" - learning your address, problem solving
  • "Jazlyn J's Birthday Celebration" - counting, repetition, manners, birthdays
  • "Jazlyn J's Computer Confusion" - learning about the parts of a computer, play on words
  • "Jazlyn J's Day of Danger" - danger, safety symbols, product safety
  • "Jazlyn J Expresses Herself" - self-expression, different ways to communicate
  • "Jazlyn J's Favourite Parts of the Day" - learning to tell time, corresponding daily routine with time of day
  • "Jazlyn J Gets a Goal" - goal setting, persistence (NEVER give up!)
  • "Jazlyn J's Bad Hair Day" - self-acceptance, experimenting with change
  • "Jazlyn J's Ideal Instrument" - musical instruments, individualism, decision making
  • "Jazlyn J's Just Jealous" - jealousy, coping with emotions surrounding jealousy, friendship
  • "Jazlyn J's Key" - keys and their various uses, wanting a key
  • "Jazlyn J's Lesson in Luck" - luck, lucky charms and positive thinking
  • "Jazlyn J's Money Matters" - math, counting, saving money, spending money, friendship 
  • "Jazlyn J's Numbers"- - counting, number association, addition to family, how important numbers are in everyday life, what numbers help us with.  
  • "Jazlyn J and the Opposites"- - opposites, differences and similarities, getting a baby brother 
  • "Jazlyn J's Present Problem"- - Rhyme, a heart-warming message that not all gifts come from the store, giving, Christmas, sharing, unselfishness, love, a great lead-in to any craft making before the holidays!  
  • "Jazlyn J and Quick, Quiet Quinn"- - discussion of how to prevent bullying and stop bullying before it starts. Kindness, acceptance and communication are key.  
  • "Jazlyn J & the Recycled Rabbit"- - recycling, reducing waste, reusing products where possible, Easter, sharing of ideas, brainstorming 
  • "Jazlyn J & a Screen of a Halloween"- -problem solving, disappointment, alternative thinking, positive outcomes, parents working together 
  • "Jazlyn J & a Thoughtful Thursday"- -being thoughtful, kindness, selfless acts, good deeds, challenging others to do the same, collaboration and inspiring random acts of kindness. 
  • "Jazlyn J Unplugged"- - how staying active can keep you sharp, focused, healthy and strong. Discuss the benefits of being active and physically fit. Talk about how that can help you in other areas of your life. 
  • "Jazlyn J's Valentine"- - a great story on crafting and creating something from the heart for someone else. A fantastic opportunity to colour, cut and paste some Valentines as a class and discuss why it is nice to make something to give another person. 

For older grades:

Discussion of writing style

How Jazlyn was created

Behind the scenes, the publishing of a book

Question and answer period designed to give students the chance to ask questions of interest about the series, writing or creative inspiration.

Educational Component To Jazlyn J Series

For each letter of the alphabet there is a book that focuses on a theme that kids can relate to. For each of these books, I have put together ideas to share with the kids I visit in the schools. If you have any questions about anything in this presentation, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at:

A great introduction to learning about addresses and how they are used.

  • Postcards to their friends
  • Pen pals (some teachers have this started in Grade 3 classes)
  • Drawing a map of their street
  • List the reasons itís important to know your address - we also discuss who you DONíT give your address to (strangers)

A fun book celebrating Jazlynís 7th birthday. A great book for the younger kids as they try to figure out how old Jazlyn is!

  • Birthday cards for their friends (how to make them
  • What date is their birthday on?
  • A talk about why we celebrate birthdays
  • I usually ask who is celebrating a birthday today and when I know that I will be reading this book, I usually bring along a small gift (colouring book and crayons or other age-appropriate gift)

The hilarious look at the parts of the computer.

  • Ask kids to draw parts of the computer and their true uses
  • Make the computer less intimidating while having fun with the parts that sound like something else. (mouse, web, recycle bin, etc)
  • If I know I am going to be reading this book, I bring colouring pages from this book for the kids.
  • Danger quiz (we have also added it to the website)
  • This book is currently being used by the Hospital for Sick Kids poison control centre and some government offices.
  • A great book that focuses on the danger symbols on products and why we need to avoid them.
  • Teachers have said they like this book for itís ďnon-threateningĒ approach.
  • We give out sheets of Jazlyn J without her facial expression/mouth and ask kids to fill it out and others to guess what the expression is. (See attached sample)
  • They are welcome to send their pictures into us to put on the website
  • Discussion about the importance of expressing ourselves to others and sharing how we feel.
  • A new and exciting way to tell time, while personalizing it to every individualís own day!
  • Have them list what their favourite parts of the day are.
  • Finding their favourite things about other people- an exercise in truly seeing the good in others
  • Favourite moments in life- diaries, journals and how much fun they are
  • Encouraging positive thoughts by talking about how to help others see the best in themselves by sharing compliments and praise
  • Goal setting sheets with a workshop in how to set realistic goals
  • Discussion of why goals can be fun
  • Discussion of how goals can make dreams come true
  • When I read this book, I discuss with the kids the importance of NEVER giving up.
  • Bad Hair Fun- we hand out pictures of Jazlyn without her hair, that they get to fill in. (We invite them to send pictures in to be added to the website)
  • Discuss how a bad hair day isnít the end of the world
  • Discuss self-acceptance and a positive self-image by having them list the things they appreciate in others and passing it on to them. Generally, the kind thoughts of someone else stick in their mind and paint a positive picture of what others think of us.
  • This book focuses on how everyone is an important individual with special talents, abilities and tastes.
  • Individuality and the importance of choice
  • List 2 things that you have been or currently are jealous about, discuss how to overcome our jealousy by not comparing what we have or who we are to someone else.
  • Help them to appreciate what they have in their lives and how lucky they are.
  • Discuss keys, their many uses and the importance of privacy and why there are locks on things
  • Discussion on what kind of locks out there have keys (doors, diaries, desks, cabinets, cars, etc)
  • Make four leaf–clovers and in each leaf of the clover, have children write or draw what they feel most lucky about in their lives.
  • Study other cultures and what they think is lucky or brings good luck.
  • Have each child write a short story on their luckiest moment and why they felt so lucky.
Jazlyn J - Money
  • Make or get a class piggy bank and decide what you'd like to save for as a class! It can be a class trip, a party, a gift for a retiring teacher or to donate to a local charity! (Don't forget to set a goal!)

  • Think of ways that kids can make money for saving for something. Make a list together.

  • Bring play money into class and count the money together. Show how much money it would take to buy a loaf of bread or a candy bar.

  • Discuss why money is important and what you can buy with money. (Where do we use money? How does it help us?)

  • Discussion topic: When is money not so important?

  • Discuss the value of friendship and how Julie and Jazlyn were both willing to make sacrifices in order for the other one to be happy. (They both felt that friendship is more important than money).

  • Have the kids write a list of what they would do with $100.00 dollars if they were to ever have that given to them.
Jazlyn J - Numbers
  • Introduce how important numbers are by examining with the class all the ways we use them and where we can find them. A child will be more comfortable in participating in math when they understand just how well they know their numbers already! (Clocks, signs, elevators, radio station dials, TV station numbers, book pages that remind us where we left off, stove temperatures, house numbers, etc.)
  • Have the children make their own list of numbers that are important to them and the unique places that they see them!
  • Create a height chart for each child to take home and monitor their growth for the year with their family.
  • Have the kids make clocks and with moveable arms, have them placed on their favourite parts of the day and discuss with them why that is.
  • Have the kids write a list of what they would do with $100.00 dollars if they were to ever have that given to them.
Jazlyn J and the Opposites
  • Discuss Opposites such as big/little, noisy/quiet, brother/sister, asleep/awake, etc and ask kids to point out opposites that they recognize from their daily life. (morning/night, happy/sad, running/walking)
  • Discuss that despite the differences you can find in two opposite things....there are similarities too. What kinds of similarities can they find?
  • Reach further to discuss with the kids about the differences in people, their classmates, their neighbours. Just because someone is different or has an opposing opinion, it doesn't make it wrong. It makes it exciting, because we can learn from these differences.
  • Choose a boy and a girl to stand at the front of the class and have the kids name their favourite things (colour, sport, books, movies, cartoons, foods, number, etc) List these things behind them on a chalkboard and then circle the things that may be different or opposite from each other. Then circle the things that are the same. **Note** You may wish to ask these two kids separately and away from the other students and then list them, so that answers will be unique.
Jazlyn J - Present Problem
  • Discuss with the class how they can give of themselves instead of buying a gift. (homemade coupons for chores around the house they wouldn't normally do, creating a memorable craft, spending time with someone, etc)
  • Have each child write their own Christmas story.
  • Ask children to share their favourite parts of Christmas, focusing on those things that are not store-bought but made or time spent with those they love.
  • Work with the class to make a list on all of the ways that they can be unselfish all year round. (A great opportunity to reinforce kindness and respect for others, as well as open up a discussion about how good it feels to be generous!)
Jazlyn J and Quick, Quiet Quinn
  • Have the class make a list of what they think makes a good friend.
  • Discuss why it is important to be kind and how it feels when someone isn't kind to us.
  • Talk about how children can make a difference by making sure that bullying doesn't start.
  • Create a sheet that lists every child in the class, then hand out to each child and ask them to put one thing down that they really like or admire about their classmates. Compile the lists for each student and you have a wonderful, feel-good piece that will give children confidence and build self-esteem.
  • Remind kids to stick together and not let a bully take action, have the kids explain how they would do that.
  • Have the children sign 'contracts' for courtesy in the classroom. Have them sign the contract by noting that they are making a difference and then their name.
Jazlyn J and the Recycled Rabbit
  • Discuss with the class the importance of recycling and what they could recycle at home and at school
  • Ask the class to bring a toilet paper roll and create different projects, such as a Christmas cracker filled with loving notes for the recipient, make a puppet, paint it and then use it to hold elastics. See how many ideas you can come up with.
  • Ask the class to bring something from home that they have recycled.
  • Start a recycling group at school or have students take turns collecting recycling each day.
  • Have students come up with other ideas for the rabbit jar.
  • Look for colouring sheets on Pinterest.
Jazlyn J & A Screen of a Halloween
  • Discuss how sometimes things don't always go as planned. Yes, it can be disappointing, but it gives us an opportunity to come up with alternative solutions.
  • Have the class come up with other alternatives to the story. What else might they have done if they couldn't go trick or treating in their area?
  • Discuss the importance of being safe and why it was important for Jazlyn and her friends to obey the authorities.
  • Colouring Sheets are available on Pinterest.
Jazlyn J & A Thoughtful Thursday
  • Have a group discussion with the class about what they could do to be more thoughtful in the classroom and at school.
  • Create a board or a large can and everytime a thoughtfulness is witnessed, add it to the can or board. At the end of the week, read them aloud and express gratitude to the individual who went out of their way to be thoughtful.
  • Start your own Thoughtful Thursday group.
  • Challenge other classes to participate.
  • Ask kids to make a list of how they could be more thoughtful at home, in sports, at the mall, in restaurants, etc.
  • Discuss how it feels to do something nice for someone else. Then discuss how it must feel to be the recipient of a thoughtful gesture.
  • Share your class or school's success on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #jjkindnesscampaign.
Jazlyn J Unplugged
  • Make a list of physical activities that you can do each season.
  • Encourage everyone to learn to play a sport together as a class.
  • Keep an activity diary or calendar in the classroom.
  • Challenge friends and family to keep up to your activities!
  • Do a fitness challenge as a class or as a school.
Jazlyn J's Valentine
  • Decide on a special Valentine craft to make as a class.
  • Ask the kids to think about someone special they would like to make their Valentine for.
  • Discuss why it is a such a nice thing to do for someone.
  • Perhaps write on the back of the Valentine WHY they think that person is special or why the child chose to make their craft for them.