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Jazlyn J Quiz
1) What is Jazlyn J's favourite colour?
2) Where does Jazlyn hope to travel to someday?
3) What was Jazlyn J’s goal in “Jazlyn J Gets a Goal”?
4) What was Jazlyn J’s ideal instrument?
5) How many shelves of books does Jazlyn J have?
6) What stopped Jazlyn from playing outside at her friend Julie’s house?
7) What part of Jazlyn was like a computer?
8) What did Jazlyn’s Mom learn in “Jazlyn J’s Day of Danger”?
9) Jazlyn J finds out that the best way to express yourself is by…..?
10) How many friends came to Jazlyn’s birthday party?
11) What number does Jazlyn wear on her hockey jersey?
12) What number is Jazlyn’s house?
13) What month was Jazlyn born in?
14) Why was Jazlyn jealous in "Jazlyn J's Just Jealous?
15) What very important 'key' did Jazlyn always have in "Jazlyn J's Key"?
16) What did Jazlyn think was her lucky charm?
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