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Jazlyn J Children's Books

Designed for children ages 3-9, the Jazlyn J books are based around a spunky, fun-loving character who is learning as she grows. Jazlyn learns, with the help of her parents and friends, the same life lessons that kids today are experiencing.

At the end of each day, Jazlyn and her family share their favourite parts of the day. It is a look back at everything good in the day, lessons learned and things appreciated.

By looking at favourite parts of the day, Jazlyn discovers that there really is a bright side to every situation! Favourite parts is Jazlyn J's way to finding the positive in life's great lessons!

Jazlyn is a character kids can relate to, but she has her share of unique characteristics that kids just love!

Her favourite number is seven. She is seven years old, was born in the 7th month, on the 7th day, there are 7 days in the week to have fun and she goes to sleep every night at 7 o'clock.

Her absolute favourite colour is green (she wears it every day!) and she collects fuzzy and fun slippers! (She actually wears a different pair of slippers in every story)

Jazlyn loves hockey and soccer and playing with her friends. She wears wonderfully large glasses and her hair is always in pig tails and all of the characters are signatured with rather large ears. (All the better to hear and learn with!)

The series was created to show kids just how easy it is to take an ordinary day and learn something extraordinary in a positive way!

All About Jazlyn J:

· Each book represents a letter of the alphabet.

· Each book touches on a topic of importance for kids ages 3-9.

· Jazlyn J is a spunky, high-spirited character.

· Her favourite colour is green.

· She wears a different pair of fuzzy, cozy slippers in every book.

· She always wears her hair in pigtails.

· She wears very large glasses.

· Her favourite number is 7.

· Her favourite sports are hockey and soccer.

· At the end of each book, Jazlyn and her family share their favourite parts of the day.

· Her father's favourite parts are ALMOST always about food.

Favourite Parts of the Day:

At the end of each book, Jazlyn and her family share their favourite parts of the day. This is something that my own son and I started when he was four. We really looked forward to this.

Each day we would save up everything that happened that was positive, fun and special to us and we shared them just before going to sleep. I found he went to sleep with happy thoughts in his mind and had a better night's sleep.

Since writing these books, many parents tell me that they have shared favourite parts of the day with their own children and enjoy that time with their kids.

I reserved any serious discussions or concerns of the day for dinner time or after dinner when the family is together, or when we had some quiet time together to talk things out.

I hope you enjoy sharing your favourite parts of the day. - Renná

Our Goals

The goals of the Jazlyn J series are to give kids positive-thinking skills and guide them to appreciate all experiences in their everyday lives.

Jazlyn J, the character, is learning as she grows. No day is perfect but how we choose to deal with the various parts of our day is up to us.

Thinking and being more positive in life gives kids a better chance at success in whatever they set out to do. It helps breed life skills that they'll need in order to accept when things don't go exactly as they planned or when they are surprised with the unexpected.

I encourage every parent to share in the joy of reading. Kids remember this special gift for a lifetime. - Renná


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Jazlyn J Learns Her Address

When Jazlyn's play date plans are changed, she must figure out how her friend can find her house to come over and play. With a little help, Jazlyn learns the importance of having an address and how to use it.

ISBN13: 9781894993773
ISBN: 189493377X
Published: February 2002

Jazlyn J's Birthday Celebration

Turning another year older is exciting in so many ways! Jazlyn takes the time to count them! Can you guess how old she is?

ISBN13: 9781894933780
ISBN: 1894933788
Published: April 2002

Jazlyn J's Computer Confusion

When Jazlyn J's class gets a computer, they realize that there is more to it than they thought!

ISBN13: 9781894933797
ISBN: 1894933796
Published: July 2002

Jazlyn J's Day of Danger

Updated Symbols! Supported by Health Canada's Product Safety Division. When Jazlyn J attempts to clean the house on her own, she soon finds out that there are things you need to look out for! Jazlyn never dreams of the dangers that lurk in her very own home!

ISBN13: 9781894933766
ISBN: 1894933761
Published: January 2006

Jazlyn J Expresses Herself

Jazlyn J finds out that there is more than one way to express herself.

ISBN13: 9781894933803
ISBN: 189493380X
Published: June 2003

Jazlyn J's Favourite Parts of the Day

Learning to tell time can be all kinds of fun! Jazlyn discovers a unique way to remember how to tell time and along the way, figures out how important it is.

ISBN13: 9781894933810
ISBN: 1894933818
Published: June 2003

Jazlyn J Gets a Goal

While trying to get her very first goal in hockey, Jazlyn soon finds out that once you set your mind to something, it will happen. A lesson in getting and setting goals. Foreword written by Walter Gretzky. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

ISBN13: 9781894933827
ISBN: 1894933826
Published: April 2003

Jazlyn J Marque un But

En essayant de marquer son tout premier but dans un match de hockey, Jazlyn a vite appris qu'une fois qu'on se concentre à acccomplir quelque chose, on peut réussir. Une leçon pour apprendre à déterminer ses buts et à en faire une réalité. (This is the French version of "Jazlyn J Gets a Goal")

ISBN13: 9780978180928
ISBN: 0978180925
Published: June 2010

Jazlyn J's Bad Hair Day

A bad hair day sets Jazlyn off on another new adventure. She tries to change her "look", only to find out that the look she had wasn't so bad after all. Foreword written by actor/comedian Colin Mochrie. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation.

ISBN13: 9781894933834
ISBN: 1894933834
Published: December 2003

Jazlyn J's Ideal Instrument

About the Book: When Jazlyn J's teacher decides to put a class band together, Jazlyn and her classmates must decide which instrument suits them best. Foreword written by Tom Cochrane. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward the Parkinson Society Canada.

ISBN13: 9781894933841
ISBN: 1894933842
Published: April 2002

Jazlyn J's Just Jealous

When Julie introduces a new friend to Jazlyn, she learns about a little thing called 'Jealousy'.

ISBN13: 9781894933858
ISBN: 1894933850
Published: October 2004

Jazlyn J's Key

Jazlyn J learns that there are many different kinds of keys in everyday life and in her desire to have her very own key, discovers that she's always had one!

ISBN13: 9781894933865
ISBN: 1894933869
Published: November 2004

Jazlyn J's Lesson in Luck

Jazlyn believes that she has found a good luck charm! She carries it everywhere and thinks it's the reason everything is going her way. She soon finds out there's more to luck than she thought!

ISBN13: 9781894933872
ISBN: 1894933877
Published: June 2005

Jazlyn J's Money Matters

The circus is in town and Jazlyn and her friend Julie want to go! The two friends find out that saving money for something they really want can be a challenge!

ISBN13: 9781894933889
ISBN: 1894933885
Published: March 2006

Jazlyn J's Numbers

Numbers, numbers everywhere! Do we really need all these numbers? Will Jazlyn ever believe that numbers are important in our daily lives? You can count on it!

ISBN13: 9780978180904
ISBN: 9781809043
Published: October 2007

Jazlyn J and the Opposites

Jazlyn J is feeling a little upset when the new member of the family arrives. It was the complete opposite of what she expected!

ISBN13: 9780978180911
ISBN: 0978180917
Published: June 2009

Jazlyn J's Present Problem

In this special Christmas story, Jazlyn J has a present problem. It's her baby brother's first Christmas, and Jazlyn has no idea what to give him! She finds out that the best gifts of all come from a very special place...

ISBN13: 9781894933919
ISBN: 1894933915
Published: November 2006

Jazlyn J and Quick Quiet Quinn

Feeling picked on and uneasy, Jazlyn confronts a bully and finds out how things can change with a little communication and kindness. Foreword written by Jennifer Botterill.

ISBN13: 9780978180935
ISBN: 0978180933
Published: October 2012

Jazlyn J & The Recycled Rabbit

Jazlyn thought Easter was about chocolate eggs and family fun. It turns out to be about something more when she is introduced to the idea of reducing, reusing and recycling. Foreword by David Suzuki.

ISBN13: 9780978180942
ISBN: 1894933842
Published: March 2014

Jazlyn J & A Screen of a Halloween

Jazlyn J and her friends thought their Halloween was ruined. They had no idea it would turn out to be one they would never forget!

ISBN13: 9780978180959
ISBN: 9780978180959
Published: July 2014

Jazlyn J and a Thoughtful Thursday

Jazlyn and her friends are introduced to the idea of helpful, kind and thoughtful acts but is it really as easy as it sounds? They soon find out on a Thoughtful Thursday...

ISBN13: 9780978180966
Published: August 2015

Jazlyn J Unplugged

Jazlyn and her friends love to play games. Especially the electronic kind! But when an unexpected event happens, Jazlyn and her friends must find something else to do. What could possibly be more fun than their on-screen games?!

ISBN13: 9780978180980
Published: September 2016

Jazlyn J's Valentine

It's Valentine's Day and Jazlyn J is about to discover just how special handmade gifts and cards truly are.

ISBN13: 978-0-9781809-7-3
Published: January 2017

Jazlyn J and the What Ifs

Jazlyn has a nasty case of the 'What Ifs' and they are making her feel anxious about her special performance in front of her entire school. Will anything help her feel better? Will she be able to do it?

ISBN13: 9780978180997
ISBN: 097818099-2
Published: October 2019

Jazlyn J's X-Ray

Oh no! Jazlyn has hurt her leg and needs to find out if it is broken. Thank goodness for an x-ray machine!

ISBN13: 9781778211706
Published: September 2022

Jazlyn J Yawned Yesterday

Jazlyn J is having a strange day. She can't stop yawning! What can she do to make them stop? Will you be able to read this book without yawning at all?

ISBN13: 9781778211713
Published: May 2024

For Teachers

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for taking the time to meet Jazlyn J!

This adorable, fun-loving character is designed to inspire children ages 3-9 to look on the brighter side of life, everyday. Positively. No matter how difficult the day. No matter how awful things may seem.

The stories in this series are geared toward real-life issues of this age group and always end with a focus on how to look for something good about their day.

The Jazlyn J books are an alphabet series. This means that for each letter of the alphabet, there is a book designed to tackle an issue that may be of some interest to your students.

I have created some information on each book and the potential tie-ins to your class for each story (PDF Format). I hope this helps and that you and your students have some fun with them!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you many days filled with Favourite Parts,

Renná Bruce


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Janet Shultis was born and raised in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta surrounded by loving family and friends. She attended University of Alberta and obtained her Bachelor of Physical Education specializing in Outdoor Education. After many years as a swimming instructor and lifeguard, she found her niche working with children with special needs. Janet is retired after many years working as an EA. Working with Renná Bruce on Jazlyn J has allowed her to pursue her passion for drawing and art. Janet lives in Rockwood, Ontario with her husband and three children.
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